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"117" reads the apartment number on the door. You examine your surroundings further noting a mirror on the wall and three other apartment doors. The building has not been well maintained - paint is pealing from the walls, the carpet is dingy and stained and even the air seems old.

For reasons unknown, you have been brought here - no, trapped in here, by someone who intends to watch you die. Your head is still a little cloudy from the sedatives but you remember clearly the threat of a bomb and that it would detonate in just one hour. The door is locked so your only hope for escape is to DISARM the bomb.

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Escape St Pete

You hear a voice but it seems to be coming from a different room - it must be your captor. "What do they want with me you wonder" but would rather not find out. You reach with shackled hands to pull what seems like a black pillow case from over your head - clearly there is something they did not want you to see...

Glancing around quickly you notice a small TV and despite the poor quality of the video you are able to make out a man torturing someone in a room that looks a lot like the one you are in. There is no sound coming from the telvision yet you can hear the screams - he must be close...


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About Escape Rooms

Escape Room Games are a growing trend in the U.S. and around the globe with literally thousands already in operation around the country and Outerlife Studios is proud to bring the first Escape Room to St Pete!

So what's it all about? In a nutshell, two to eight people are ‘locked’ in a room where they are given 60 minutes to work together as a team to find clues, solve a series of puzzles and eventually ‘Escape the Room’.

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